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Childrens Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry treats milk teeth and permanent treatment of gum disease in children aged 0 to 14, and also the treatment of hereditary deformities or other things preventing good dental health.

Pedodontiya, children’s dentistry, also treats children with disabilities. In the treatment of children with disabilities general anesthesia can be used to make treatment easier for the child.

The treatment of pediatric dentistry is generally divided into two parts:

Procedures for Troubleshooting

– Treatment of dental cavities

– Prostheses, loss of teeth in children.

– Removal of a tooth

– Treatment of broken teeth as a result of injury

– Root canal treatment

Safety program:

– Conduct interviews with parents and children about proper oral hygiene

– Information on the health effects of teeth healthy eating habits

– Treatment of fluorine

– The use of special fillers in the presence of dental cracks

– The use of dental protector used during sports events

Why do baby teeth decay more easily?

Milk teeth contain more organic matter than conventional molars so they are more susceptible to decay and decompose more quickly and easily. Children at an early age can not pay attention to oral hygiene independently. Therefore, parents should teach children to clean teeth 2 times a day. Especially these common mistakes to give the mother how often the child sugar, jam, sweet milk, fruit juice or a pacifier can lead to premature loss of teeth.

Is it necessary to treat milk teeth?

The first task in protecting deciduous teeth from decay, is to ensure the child’s proper nutrition. Also, if time does not begin treatment of primary teeth, it can lead to such consequences as a bad breath, difficulty chewing, digestive disorders.

Dental trauma in children

If teeth are damaged during a fall or accidents, intervention should be done without delay. The correct diagnosis is very important. Your doctor will have to figure out when and where the damage occurred, whether the shock, coma after the accident, vomiting, memory loss and so on. Proper treatment is applied to the patient in accordance with the information provided.

When should you start brushing your teeth?

Start brushing childrens teeth at age 6-8 months (ie, when the mouth appear first teeth) . Each day, after breakfast and before bedtime to clean the chewing surfaces with a wet gauze. Use a toothbrush starting at the age of 2-3 years. The main thing at this age to teach a child good oral hygiene. Children usual only brush in easily accessible locations. However, to prevent tooth decay, parents need to help younger children until the child reaches about 8-9 years of age.