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Endodontics is the main branch of science of dentistry, dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of root canals (pulp).

The purpose of root canal treatment is to remove the patient from pain and remove the area of ​​inflammation of the pulp, to restore the integrity of the tooth.

How do you know if root inflammation has occurred?

The sensitivity of the teeth or dental pain that is felt during the use of hot and cold food may herald the beginning of infection and with inflammation can occur a sharp change in the color of tooth enamel. The infection of the untreated tooth root passes into the jaw bone and can cause severe swelling.

Stages of root canal treatment:

– Definition of the problem tooth radiography diagnosis.

– The use of local anesthesia (if the tooth is alive), temporarily blocking the sensitivity of the tooth and the gum around the tooth of the patient.

– Purification decay dental enamel and dentine, for easy access to the pulp chamber.

– Determining the length of the root canal using electronic tools.

– Machining of channels for further qualitative analysis, processing is done by hand files.

– Washing the root canal with special solutions at the end of the procedure laid antiseptic and put a temporary filling.

Root canal treatment takes place in a single session, or in some extreme cases, it may take 4-5 sessions.

After root canal therapy, the tooth is still supported by the surrounding tissue. Successfully treated and filled tooth may prolong tooth life.